Our Mission

Yoga-Samskrutham University mission is to implement the directive – ‘Tasmat Yogi Bhava’ from Srimad Bhagavad-Gita ( 6-46) through Higher Education programs and partnerships for search –research and outreach.

Yoga-Samskrutham University is an effort to Transform Local Gurukul to a Global University, using current advances and advantages of Technology.

Yoga-Samskrutham University aims to become the unique global platform in Higher Education Enterprise in all aspects of Yoga – Samskrutham -Languages to Foster Excellence.

Yoga-Samskrutham University Promotes United Temple of Yoga’s (UTOY) as Yoga Units of Societal Congregation, promoting Yoga practices and Yoga-Community living hubs where residents adapt Yoga life style and Practice - Dharma.

YSAM is a student-centered university dedicated to the search -research and outreach of Wisdom of Wealth and Welfare provided in Yoga and Samskrutham Traditions in an inclusive and collaborative environment, and aim to groom next generation yogi's to be Healthy Ethical Cultured Spiritual Citizens of Nations.

Yoga-Samskrutham University Promotes research, teaching, translation, training programs related to use of Samskrutham in Yoga practices, Train scholars of language to serve as religion professionals for communities who use Vedic Oral Traditional chants as sacred resources for prayers, worship, meditation and rites and passages (technically called Samskaras, Yajnas, Pooja, Swadhyaya).

Yoga-Samskrutham University Promotes Education of Languages used by Yoga and Dharma traditions, needed in religion, yoga-meditation and sacred music, dance, literature, humanities and arts.

Yoga-Samskrutham University teaches Vak-Yoga, the Yoga Meditation way of using Speech processes for spiritual engagement with the Divine : Yoga way of Studying Samskrutham, based on Teachings in Srimad Bhagavad Gita 17th Chapter and Patanjali Yoga traditions.

Yoga-Samskrutham University promotes study and scholarly publication, with translation and critical notes of unpublished manuscripts and document ‘oral traditions’ in the disciplines of yoga and Samskrutham, which are available in the libraries and private holdings.

Yoga-Samskrutham University Provides a global university platform and a leadership position for traditional Yoga-Vedanta schools to voice their stand on Yoga and Samskrutham education standards and validations. This program is an internal audit and investigation of traditional practices, using the question: Will this recommended practice Generate Auspicious Wealth and Welfare? Will the Means of Wealth be Ethical and Spiritual? Will this enterprise meet the ‘Dharma Standards Audit?’

Yoga-Samskrutham University facilitates exploration of wisdom pathways in traditions which unify multiple disciplines of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanga Jyotisha, Aagama, Tantra and several others to yield cost effective and practical solutions to deliver Holistic solutions for Health care and Spiritual Care. Any such solution needs to answer the four way test derived from ‘Daivee –Aasuri Sampat’ from 16th chapter of Srimad Bhagavad-Gita, namely:

  • Does the guidance free the practitioner from Stress, Strain and Suffering?
  • Does the training Provide Adequate Professional Skills for livelihood and excellence?
  • Does the system provide checks and balances, course correction for practices to ‘Balance, Normalize and Harmonize’ the practice guidance ?
  • Does the committed engagement with the practice lead to the goal of Self- Realization resulting in Self- respect, Dignity, Mutual Tolerance, Respect for others, Absence of religious Terrorism, Apathy for Pleasure in violence, Eco Sensitivity and Ethical constraints on Ego drive?

  • Search –Research and Publish for Outreach the wisdom of Yoga-Samskrutham language traditions locked in unpublished manuscripts and undocumented oral heritage in practicing communities. There are several universities and private repositories which have in their custody several documents - manuscripts – original, paper manuscripts –hand written and out of print books, digitized resources in several formats - microfilms and tapes, videos, voice-records. These provide ample resources for higher education, research, a better understanding of history and culture of Dharma Civilizations and Cultural inheritance.

    Yoga-Samskrutham University Promotes Yoga Tours promoting Peace and Spirituality to spread the practical message of Vedc Yoga’s Supporting Togetherness for Universal Peace, Promoting prosperity and plentitude, stated in the Vedic chant :

    Sahanavavatu, Sahanu Bhunaktu,Sahaveeryam karavaavahai, Tejasvi naavadheetamastu, maa vidvishaavahai, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih.

    May our togetherness be cultured, continuous, and sacred. May our thought, talk and action be guided by divine togetherness. May we not have anything that tears us apart generating mistrust and hatred leading to suffering and inefficiency , May our working togetherness bring excellence, Peace, Prosperity, Peace, Peace, Peace.