Message from Chair Person

Message from Chair Person

Hari Om Namaste
I , BVK Sastry, Founder President, welcome you to this unique institution promoting Higher Education in the areas of YOGA – SAMSKRUTHAM and Languages.

Yoga and Samskrutham are Global Welfare Traditions providing Wisdom Of Wealth and Welfare. Goal of Yoga is for Total Wellness Swaasthya. Goal of Samskrutham is Cultural Excellence Samskruthi.

The vision and mission sections explain in detail the plan and purpose of this Higher Education enterprise, to do our part in grooming yogi’s of next generation to be ‘ Healthy Ethical Cultured Spiritual Citizens of Nations’. The Samskruth word for such a yogi is ‘Dharma-Prajaa’, under the leadership of a ‘Raja-Yogi’ in a ‘Yoga- Kshetra’. Srimad Bhagavad-Gita is our Book of Guidance and Standard for self regulation.

Yoga and Samskrutham are integral part of Dharma. The practice of ‘Dharma’ is for Balancing the means and goals of Wealth and Welfare. ‘Yoga-Kshema’ is the pointed word from Gita, that gives this message.

Yoga and Samskrutham are twin-traditions that originate from Bharath, now known as India and Hindustan,; the land of Bharath known is land of Yoga, Land of Dharma ( Dharma Kshetra). Some trace the land history of Bharath from the Vedic Rishis called ‘Bharatas’; some trace it to king Bharata from Ramayana; Some others trace it to the Mahabharata sources. Some trace it to the sacred lineage of Jaina Masters. It is in this land Yogeswara Sri Krishna made the ‘Gita’ discourse summarizing Vedic yoga’s in the language Samskrutham. This sacred book Srimad Bhagavad- Gita, is the book of guidance and Inspiration for our University. This is the foundational book which has shaped the Yoga –Spiritual Culture of Bharath over five millennia and continues to be the authority on Yogas.

Yoga and Samskrutham are twin-traditions of Wellness for Total Wellness and Cultural Excellence. There are unique formats and practices of Yoga-Samskrutham for getting Total Health and Wellness benefits for all seeking individuals and diverse communities, accommodating the following belief- faith practice diversities : Theists, Atheists, Nihilists, Universalists, Members of organized and unorganized religions, Singularity and Plurality of scriptures and revelations, One or Many God issues, Male and Female Gods, Theological, philosophical, authority and institution, historical branching divisions and divergences, diversity by creeds, prayer languages, texts , Masters, cultural variants, practice -inheritance and socio-cultural heritage affiliations.

Total Health and Wellness is recognized by standards of excellence : Swasthya -Samskruti . Other expressions communicating the same concept are : Yoga-Samskruti, Bharateeya Samskruti, Sanatana Dharma Samskurti Sampradaya, Yoga-Samskruti. Swaasthya is the technical traditional term from Yoga and Ayurveda schools for Total Wellness of Physiological, Psychological, and Relational nature. Samskruthi is Sum Total of Cultural Excellence following Yoga –Dharma Compliant Life style; It is a trans-generational inheritance in families, communities and nations.

In the last three centuries, the yoga-Samskrutham unified teaching traditions have taken a setback for various reasons. The net result is a distortion and reduction in the total benefits of Total Health and Wellness enjoyed by the practicing communities. Three main reasons for this are : ( i) distancing away of Yoga teaching and practice loosing its internal integrity ( Yoga of Yogaangas) (ii) Yoga teaching and practice loosing its integral in-connection with other formats of yoga ( distortion of Yoga-Trayee system: Yoga – Ayur Yoga and Vak-Yoga) (iii) Yoga teaching disconnected with language of Yoga ( loss of yoga way of studying Samskrutham: Yoga-Samskrutham, Mantra-Samskrutham). Samskrutham is studied more as language of history and religion.

Due to this, the integral system of Yoga, designed for delivery of Total Health and Wellness, has been distorted. In the current scenario, yoga education is provided in splintered blocks of social professions using ‘yoga teaching’ for benefits of body and mind, as body –breath exercises, giving away the higher goals of the core tradition. This is a scenario that needs to be addressed as a part of ‘yoga-NEXT’ movement to restore the integrity and inner consistency of Yoga standards set in the work Srimad Bhagavad-Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

The available resource documents of traditions (known as Dharma Shastras, aka Hindu religious law) show the historical dynamics of contextualization, diversification and context sensitive customization in Yoga-Samskrutham practices in Indian communities. The goal was to ensure the continuity of benefits of Swaasthya and Samskriti. Though one sees many works of Dharma-Shastras, about three hundred of them in three thousand years, they are internally and integrally connected through Yoga and Samskrutham. The masters of Yoga-Samskrutham know this and continue to use this tradition to provide guidance to the practicing communities. This is a living tradition.

The texts and resources of spiritual scientific, literary and religious traditions in many languages of India available across diverse communities, is a unique pointer to understand how: ‘ Yoga validates Samskrutham’ and ‘ Samskrutham is the key to achieve Yoga-Practice excellence . This is also a pointer on how and why Samskrutham needs to be studied in relation to Yoga: as Vak-yoga in Social communications and ‘Mantra-Yoga ’ in Yoga for Health Care and Wellness. This is a living tradition.

The Education programs offered by Yoga-Samskrutham University aims to deliver multiple dimensions of this Total Health and Wellness benefits from Yoga in Samskrutham and Languages to everyone on earth to fulfill the directive: Tasmat Yogi Bhava (Gita 6-46). This is an effort to realize the aspirations of Vedic Yogas – which sets the standards for Yogi to strive:

Sahanavavatu, Sahanu Bhunaktu,Sahaveeryam karavaavahai, Tejasvi naavadheetamastu, maa vidvishaavahai, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih.

May our togetherness be cultured, continuous, and sacred. May our thought, talk and action be guided by divine togetherness. May we not have anything that tears us apart generating mistrust and hatred leading to suffering and inefficiency , May our working togetherness bring excellence, Peace, Prosperity, Peace, Peace, Peace.