Is Yoga-Samskrutham University a recognized University?

Yoga-Samskrutham University offers several programs in the areas of Yoga, Samskrutham and Languages, leading to the following Education awards. These are governed under the stipulations set by Commission of Independent Education under Florida Statute 1005.06 ( 1 ) ( f ).

Yoga-Samskrutham University is authorized and recognized by appropriate authority in USA, to function as an institution of Higher education in the chosen fields of Yoga and Samskrutham and issue Education awards of Doctoral, Masters and other, with the stipulated regulations under US Education Laws. The authorization covers the freedom to design and deliver appropriate education programs, generic and special if needed, and awards that meet the needs of the seeking students within the umbrella scope of the disciplines: Yoga and Samskrutham.

Yoga-Samskrutham University is not governed by the Indian Education system for admission, administration and governance. If any Institution seeks any details on the thesis /Transcripts Yoga-Samskrutham University will be happy to provide the same on ‘ Credit Transfer seeking institutions’ request endorsed by the student initiative. It is left to the discretion of the ‘Credit Transfer seeking institution’ to have its internal evaluation and course-credit equivalences. This is a standard norm globally practiced in the matter of ‘ Courses –Credits – Transfers and Recognition’ in all universities.