Masters (M.A / M.Sc)

Masters (M.A / M.Sc)

These are offered only through the affiliates and National Forums. Mainly as COMBO- Packages leading to an integrated study towards a Doctoral Program. The generic outline of the program is as follows:

Masters Programs is a 33 Credits Program. The details are Similar to Doctoral Programs, but are scaled down.
Entry Qualification: Baccalaureate Degree or Equivalent of it by Traditional studies (to be validated by appropriate documentation). The programs here are more structured in terms of courses. The course content mix , structure, teaching and delivery are mainly localized and customized to the needs of the discipline and Teaching institutions. The broad composition of the program course credits are as follows: Main Program (24 credits) + University core courses for 9 credits). Previous study / Work /Experience not utilized elsewhere can be considered for course credits up to a maximum of 15 credits at the discretion of the University..

These are collaborative programs and mostly delivered on demand per special needs of the study undertaken. The qualifying examinations, related record keeping and other student coordination is done at the affiliate institution where the student takes the enrolment. The final examination is conducted by the affiliating institution. The Affiliate institution is the course- content delivering body, the local examination conducting body and student record keeper. The Affiliate institution takes the responsibility of providing 80% of teaching and accommodate 20% teaching direct from the University provided Content. The final award is issued in joint names of Yoga – Samskrutham University, USA and Local Affiliate Institution.


Apart from Degree and Honor Awards, Yoga-Samskrutham University issues Social Honors awards also. For details contact The Awards Recommendation Committee of National Forums. For details, contact the Awards Recommendations Committee at National Forums of the University.