FAQ:Special Programs provisions at YSAM

Can we have a custom design program and research under the provisions of Yoga-Samskrutham University?

Yes, Yoga-Samskrutham University welcomes such proposals. The American University program is flexible to accommodate the custom needs of study, research and specialization, including interdisciplinary study. Many times such programs are not conceived in the classical mold of structured courses and semester schemes. For example, Yoga for Senior Health care is a relevant, but custom design program.

In such cases, based on the student needs, university will work with the guides and appropriate faculty to make a program and course-mix and lead to an education award program. Similarly custom proposals can be accommodated in the areas of Samskrutham and Language related studies. The Course fees and other logistics will be decided by each case basis. In such cases, the program is not locked to any specific locale, nation, and campus. The programs of Yoga-Samskrutham University are not locked to any specific campus or country. The programs are made accessible to the student where they are in a way that facilitates the learning and fostering excellence. We do use a mix of education delivery mechanisms - online technologies, modalities of conferences, workshops, residential in house internship and training, direct instruction methods and the like to deliver the course content.

The saying goes – One size does not fit all. And this is more true in the field of Yoga –Samskrutham Language disciplines. The discussion of fees, the duration, the discipline related course mix are all decided through a preliminary dialogue which needs to cover the students identification of interest in specific discipline and commitment to pursue the discipline per guidance of the Master-Guide within the ambit of University rules frame work. In this backdrop, we request the custom course seekers to send the following information to facilitate the further inputs. This is to see whether the student is a beginner –learner, mid-level practitioner, advanced student seeking research guidance, practitioner willing to explore new techniques from other senior professionals. It also depends upon the age, time you can devote and the commitment to learn from the masters.: - A bio-note about yourself covering your education, experience and previous engagement in the study of the chosen discipline. As a first step, we request the student to send a one page note providing a brief bio note about self, the prior studies in other areas and this discipline, the motivation factors to study this subject and level of commitment. This information helps us to connect the Master who will be able to advise you to guide the program over view. This guidance is customized for each student; and keeping in view the progress capabilities of the student. If the student would think that sharing the specifics of birth data ( Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth , Gender, ) is no violation of ‘privacy’, the Master would also be able to contemplate the students potential and advise properly. - A one page note on Present interest and focus area which the student desires to pursue. Please visualize an application of the study intended to be pursued as a profession. The studies at YSAM are not to make one more book to be on the shelf. - (Where possible), Please Identify your guide with whom you would like to work. And provide a brief write up about your guide/s willingness to work with you and the University.

Rest is logistics. The Fees, program costs and the rest comes later, once the Student gets committed to learn by accepting a master. Our primary approach is to connect the seeking students with right Masters for learning the tradition. The enrollment level - Doctoral, Masters and Advanced Diploma Programs levels are decided based on students commitment and Masters approval. We, at YSAM propose to go for an integrated Doctoral program. The Total credits will be 63 plus. The course work is flexible and is decided by your guide. The Fees part : The Guide-Guru Part is decided and advised by the Guide. The Admission, Administration and Documentation cost by University is separate. The first step is student engagement with guide and firming up of the study. The fees issue comes later. Generally a Doctoral program of study takes about two or more years, to get a quality output.