FAQ:YSAM –Brand Yoga Products and Projects

Is there a particular brand of Yoga which YSAM promotes?

Yoga-Samskrutham University has its own unique teaching called ‘Vak-Yoga’ which is an advanced part of Patanjali yoga Sutra, leading to Spiritual Sacred linguistics. This is a part of ‘yoga-NEXT movement initiated by Yoga-Samskrutham University aimed to restore Yoga instruction and practice standards to the teachings of Patanjali and Srimad Bhagavad- Gita. The integrity of Yoga teachings are reflected in Patanjali’s prayer: yogena chittasya, padena vacham, rogam shareerasya cha vaidyakena, yopaakarot tam pravaram muneenaam, patanjalim pranjaliraanatosmi : I salute Patanjali, the Master Yogi who promulgated the Yoga-Trayee movement : The unified Triad of Yoga systems, for Total Health of Body, Mind and Psyche. The health of psyche is addressed by the Yoga-Sutras; The health of Body is addressed by Ayur-Yoga ( Ayur Veda) and Health of Mind is addressed by Vak-Yoga ( Samskrutham). This is also called ‘Mantra-yoga’- which is built on Yoga way of Studying Samskrutham, expounded by Patanjali. This does not mean YSAM is narrow in its handling of Yoga programs. YSAM as an Education platform is open for accommodating education, search, research and outreach activities of all brands and formats of Yoga in several shades of sampradayas.

The word ‘Yoga’ in Yoga-programs cover a wide variety of disciplines and applications. All Teachings of yoga are covered under the scope of this word. The word YOGA covers all educational programs and themes in the disciplines and practices related to: Vedic Yogas, Gita –Yogas, Patanjali Yogas , Vedanga Jyotisham, Ayurveda Upa-Veda, Darshana Shaastra, (Philosophies, Spiritual and meta-physical pedagogy and practice), Vedic Religious Professional and Practicing Scholar( known as Dharma Vocations - by the titles: Purohita, Archaka, Aagamika, Sastry, Pandit ji ), Tantra, Aagama, Vastu, Sri Vidyaa. This is only an indicative list and not an exhaustive or exclusive list.

YSAM focuses on programs which promote ‘Application of Yoga – Tradition, facilitating the current society in a practical way, for enjoying the benefits of Health care and Spiritual pursuits. The goal is to generate a profession, professionalism and a practical application which the student can use to earn a dignified livelihood. YSAM is not looking to produce one more publication or a thesis to be placed on shelf, repeating the quotes from earlier books or regurgitating the web data from other institutions as research data!