Executives of National Forum

Yoga-Samskrutham University aims to reaches out each individuals in Communities of Nations through the National forums in each country. The National Forums are the eyes, ears and arms of the University in each Nation to deliver the benefits of Yoga disciplines to groom Healthy Ethical Cultured Conscientious (=Spiritual) Citizens of Nation, the Yogi’s / Yogini's of Next generation. The Affiliates are the executive wings of National Forum.

National Forums are legal entities under the law of nation and forms its own regulating body, from the representatives of the University Affiliates. Affiliates can be legal entities and/ or associations, individuals committed to the cause of the vision of university and yoga excellence.

The National forum works with Affiliates in each nation, by their chosen disciplines to disseminate the Yoga Excellence benefits. The social deliverance of yoga benefits to the communities of nations is evaluated in terms of a ten value excellence scale, a set of values which come as ‘ yamas and niyamas’ ( Patanjali yoga Sutra -2-29) of yoga practice. The universal values are : ahinsasatyasteyabrahmacharyaparigraha yamah (2-29) Non-killing, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-receiving, are called Yama.

jatideshakalasamayanavachchhinnah sarvabhauma mahavratam (2-31) These, unbroken by time, place, purpose, and caste, are (universal) great vows. These practices, touchstones for every man, woman and child, by every soul, irrespective of nation, country or position. shauchasantoshatapahsvadhyayeshvarapranidhanani niyamah (2-32) Internal and external purification, contentment, mortification, study, and worship of Divinity , are the Niyamas.

A commitment to these values is called the basic compliance to the ‘Dharma Standard’ in far eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. These are the values of civilized global society which meets the criterion of covenant from Srimad Bhagavad-Gita: Tasmat Yogi Bhava- which translates to an action of Yoga Applications to groom Healthy Ethical Cultured Conscientious (=Spiritual) Citizens of Nation, the Yogi’s/ Yogini's of Next generation. National Forums aim to outreach this dimension of Social benefit and welfare to the society through the affiliates.