Message: National President , Indian National Forum ( Relieved from ALL Posts- as of Aug 2023)   

Dr.N.V.R.A Raja

National President, Indian Forum of YSAM 


International Vice Chancellor

As we move into New Year HEVILAMBI, on the YUGADHI DAY, I present my best wishes to the Chancellor, members of the governing body of Yoga Samskrutham University Florida, USA. The activities of Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida, USA, in India through our forum, are attracting the attention of more and more Indians interested in the fields of Astrology, Yoga, Samskruti, language, culture and history. It is like a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating their flagging interest, as they see new opportunities of acquiring, enhancing and contributing to the sacred knowledge for which our country was always famous.But the hitherto prevailing political culture that professed secularism of misguided nature, had made pursuit and practical application of such knowledge in day to day life as out of vogue and steeped in irrationality.Luckily for us a sea of change has come about enlivening the life of the old and the faithful.

We,the people of India, see the presence of Yoga Samskrutham University as a great boon, because of enormous possibility of acquiring unadulterated knowledge and recognition it can offer. There are universities and institutions in India, but advance education, scope for research and promotion are not yet, so free of nepotism, bias and discrimination, leading to denial of opportunities to the deserving and faithful students.

More and more students are registering for advance learning, research and PhD programme and many scholars are coming forward to lead the new brigade to glory of achieving their ambition in the fields of their choice and faith.We like minded members of Indian Institutions affiliated to YSAM, are pleased with what our association with YOGA SAMSKRUTHAM UNIVERSITY, has brought about for the benefit of Indian students. So far, only students of major cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad are party to the new association. But new awareness has come about and more students from across the country are seeking information about Yoga SamskruthamUniversity and we are determined to direct our efforts at meeting the aspirations of more students. It is a great boon to all Indian students interested in pursuing PhD and Post-doctoral programmes.

Our main motto is to encourage genuine students and bring glory to subject. I trust each and every Indian student makes use of the course facilities available with YSAM to enhance their knowledge and serve humanity.