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Dr. Prabhakar K Kashyap Profile

Dr Prabhakar K Kashyap hails from India, the country known for its rich cultural heritage and where the Divine Science the Vedanga Jyotishya has its root as given by our great Sage Parasara and developed later by many other Daivajnas for the welfare of all in the Universe at length and breadth.

Dr Kashyap belongs to Mysore in the state of Karnataka in India. Academically, he is a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Dr Kashyap’slearning interest in Jyotishya Shastra as a hobby initially transformed him as a Professional Astrologer in no time. He established the Astrological Institute in the year 2002 immediately after completion of his 3 years Jyotishya Vidwan from Bangalore Astrological Institute when he found himself the need to create awareness of this Divine Science amongst people and to uphold the grandeur of the subject that too in the wake of many so called Astrologers commercializing the Vedanga Jyotishya as we are witnessing today. His motto has been to remove the misconceptions and unwarranted fear amongst public in certain areas like Kuja Dosha, Sade Sathi, pronouncing Rasi based phala etc. on the one hand and on the other to impart right and constructive approach to the study of Vedanga Jyotishya to aspiring young Research students.

Towards this, Dr Kashyap established the Astrological Institute titled ‘Study Centre for Optic and Prophetic Education” in the year 2002. He has to his credit the Doctoral and Professor Awards by Open International University for complimentary Medicines, Colombo, Srilanka for his Research work on ‘Medical Astrology’. He has presented unique research oriented talks on various Astrological Aspects at National and International level. He has also established Jyotishya Vishwavidaya in Bangalore recognized by the Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida USA with a view to recognize and motivate young aspirants to do research on various practical aspects of Astrology under his able guidance. It is functioning at other State Capitals Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and even Delhi.

As far as the milestones during the past 14 years of Dr Kashyap’s Astrological journey in a nutshell, it is noteworthy that he has been conducting the Annual Conferences at State level and National level successively throughout. To mark the event of Decennial year i.e. on completion of 10 years, free Astrological Consultation camps, free monthly workshops on interesting topics were organized. He has released as many as 40 DVDs on the lectures delivered during workshops for the benefit of students. Further, he has authored Research oriented books of course in Regional language on Kuja (Energy) Dosha, Remedial Astrology and 3 volumes on Saptavimshati dosha – an encyclopedia of identifying 27 types of doshas dealt with in depth with detailed analysis of more than 200 case studies. He has also translated the English version of Dr NVRA Raja’s Research work on Stellar Astrology – Jeeva and Sareera concept into Regional language for the benefit of people in Karnataka. Dr Kashyap has also the credit in organizing the first ever Quiz completion in Vedanga Jyotishya. Further his Institute has the credit of organisi ng the first ever Competitive Examination on Vedanga Jyotishya successively for two years.

Presently, Dr Kashyap has been a part of the International Repute Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida USA in the capacity of CEO – International Core Committee and Chief General Secretary to Indian Forum to ensure spreading and functioning of the University in important centres of India. He is associating himself in coordinating and organizing all the activities of the University. Courses designed at University Standards are conducted at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. During the past three years since its inception in Bangalore, many Research Scholars have come out with their research works. In the current year, Dr Kashyap has developed 12 Research Scholars from his Institute alone. The convocation was held in Hyderabad and Scholars from Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore were awarded PhD. Dr Kashyap is thus He has focused his attention now on developing more Research Scholars from his Institute regularly.

On the family front, Dr Kashyap is blessed with two children – one boy and a girl. He owes his success to the whole hearted cooperation of his wife and his mother and elder brother who have been shouldering all the responsibility in his absence at times and supporting in accomplishment of his ideals in life. Of course the saying is true in the case of Dr Kashyap – ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’.

Thus, Dr Kashyap has dedicated his life for the subject of Vedanga Jyotishya. He has come over here to give his presentation on a more important aspect that is ‘Paths of Mind’ and he has his own technique of presenting the subject in a lucid manner highlighting the areas of identification of different paths of mind in delineation of Natal chart.