Message from First International Vice-Chancellor Dr. Pandit Swamy

Pandit S.R. Swamy

Indian Forum of Yoga-Samskrutham University ® is formed with the sole objective of creating awareness of the key role played by our ancient Vedanga Jyotishya across the length and breadth of the Nation. In the present mechanical and monotonous life, the priorities of people are more and more towards enjoying materialistic life rather than fruitful life. It is a paradox that many of the so called literates too hardly realize the need to follow the righteous path of life in the current scenario. What is more disturbing is the fact that in many families the children are not properly enlightened in constructive use of the modern technology such as Internet, mobile phones and other modes of sophisticated accessories. With the result, children are bound to get attracted in using these as tools for their entertainment or recreation. They fail to put their energy to productive use; on the contrary instances of children spoiling their career are not uncommon.

In this context, Indian Forum of Yoga-Samskrutham University ®is the first of its kind, formed to uplift the grandeur of our ancient rich cultural heritage. It is aimed at transformation of the thoughts of people for a happy and peaceful life. How could we achieve this? It is possible only through the united effort of people who are committed to such a noble cause. Today, people are confronted with multiple problems - may be with marital life, financial affairs, profession or what not. They run from pillar to post and consult different people to get their problems solved. They do not mind incurring any expenditure for their remedies. They fail to realize the reality that the solution rests with themselves and not from external sources basically. Yes, it is certainly possible through strengthening their mind and soul – the two predominant factors in shaping the future of an individual. Towards this, proper guidance is required. We have answer to all these in Vedanga Jyotishya alone, a Divine Tool – a boon blessed by our 18 Pravarthakas.

With the above background in view, Indian Forum of Yoga-Samskrutham University ®has set a Vision to spread the knowledge of Vedanga Jyotishya across the globe in phases. We are of the opinion that there is wide scope for Systematic and Research oriented learning. In Our programmes, students are expected to gain analytical thinking ability and to know the subject thoroughly. This is especially true for a Divine Subject like Vedanga Jyotishya which calls for purity of mind and purity in thoughts. Since Vedanga Jyotishya facilitates to give guidance to all sections of the Society without any discrimination, an Astrologer has a higher responsibility on his shoulders. It is high time that cumulative efforts are put by all Astrological Institutions and Scholars of Astrology to uplift the standard of Vedanga Jyotishya for the benefit of the mankind. .

From the foregoing, it becomes crystal clear that we have to enlighten the students of Astrology with other related subjects like Ayurveda principles (helpful in diagnosis of diseases), Yoga and Meditation, Agriculture, Counselling and healing skills, Human Physiology and Psychology etc. The courses designed by Indian Forum of Yoga-Samskrutham University ® will navigate the students through the practice of Vedanga Jyotishya in different Nations and Contexts of the world. This is important to the practicing astrologers to meet efficiently the needs of a variety of clientele of globe. Our Mission is therefore focused on widening the scope of the subject covering such other topics as above to develop full-fledged Astrologers. Further, students aspiring to secure PhD will have the opportunity to go for research selecting the topic of their choice. Students with in-depth study will be able to do full justice to the subject on the one hand; and on the other hand to serve the Society better. With this, we will be able to promote the image of this Divine Subject in the eyes of the public.

In order to achieve our Vision in the right perspective, we have a unique Mission of developing different courses systematically from the Foundation Course to the Proficiency level. This apart, with a view to provide opportunities to aspiring students at distant places, we have launched the scheme of Distance Education in the field of Vedanga Jyotishya. In a nutshell, it aims at creating awareness of this great Divine Science given to Mankind by our ancient Seers and to ensure that people get benefited in their daily life.