Indian Forum Affiliates

Necessity of National Forum

The Indian National forum of Yoga-Samskrutham University (IF-YSAM) is a legal entity under the law of nation. IF-YSAM forms its self regulating body, from the representatives of the University Affiliates. Indian National Forum is the eyes, ears and arms of the University in Bharath that has become India to serve the covenant of Yoga’s coming from Srimad BhagavadGita and all the disciplines that are engaged and associated with it. The Indian postal stamp released in 1978 is a clear icon of this vision. The global dimension of the Yogas as Wisdom of Wealth, Welfare and Wellness are manifestly explained in the tenth and eleventh chapter of Gita; and crisply summarized in Gita 18-78 :

( yatra yogeshvaraha krishno yatra paartho dhanurdharaha |
tatra shreeh, vijayah, bhootih, dhruvaa neetih, matih mama )

Where there is the unified presence and action of Visionary Yogeswara Sri Krishna and Yoga-Executive like Arjuna, Four things are assured: Wealth (Shreeh), Victory ( vijaha), Auspiciousness, Divine Welfare (Bhootih), Eternal Ethics ( Neetih), This is the Will of the Divine (matih mama).

Indian National forum works with Indian Affiliates of University , by their chosen disciplines to disseminate the Yoga Excellence benefits and fulfillment of the covenant from Srimad Bhagavad-Gita: Tasmat Yogi Bhava- which translates to an action of Yoga Applications to groom Healthy Ethical Cultured Spiritual Citizens of Nation, the Yogi’s of Next generation. And in Indian context, this means facilitating the grooming of ‘ Sanatana Yoga- Dharma compliant Next-Generation’.