FAQ:What is Religion University?

Why do you call yourself a ‘Religion University’ ? What is the difference between Religion and Dharma ?

Yoga-Samskrutham University, as an American Institution of Higher education is positioned to be a ‘Religion University’ as its teachings cover Yoga ,Samskrutham ( - Language of Yoga and Yoga Practices) are covered under the Top line of ‘ Hinduism’- a World Major Religion from India. The scope of what all gets covered under the term ‘Religion Studies and programs’ are to be understood in the frame of American Constitution, Florida Statute and US Education laws.

In India, the Nations secular constitution equates ‘Dharma and Religion’; and aligns ‘Dharma to ‘Sanatana Dharma’ aka Hinduism from Vedic resources. The ‘Dharma / Religion Education related rights and provisions’ are covered under the provisions of Indian Constitution – Fundamental Rights –Articles 25 to 28 and Article 15.

Taking the explanation of religion under US constitution, education and state statute together with explanation of ‘Hinduism, Dharma and Religion’ explained under Indian constitution – Fundamental Rights –Articles 25 to 28 and Article 15 , the American Religion university model emerges as the contemporary format of Local traditional Gurukul education. This is amplified in the University mission statement reading: Yoga-Samskrutham University is an effort to Transform Local Gurukul to a Global University, using current advances and advantages of Technology.