FAQ:Indian Recognition of YSAM Education Awards

Are YSAM Certificate –Degrees recognized for jobs and promotions in India?

Yoga-Samskrutham University is a University operating under US Higher education provisions and provisions of a Religion University. The rules and operational modalities of Indian universities (Public, Private , Deemed) does not get connected with Yoga-Samskrutham University work, scope and Certificate –Degree awards.

Yoga-Samskrutham University aims to groom a Practicing Professional as the output from a Doctoral Program. Once the Doctoral award holder is ‘Trained to be a Professional Entrepreneur –Practitioner’, the question of employment under other agency does not arise. If the ‘employer / agency’ recognizes the skills and professionalism of the candidate, there is no need for external ‘validation’. The ‘Certificate Recognition’ is for ‘Course content, Skills acquired and training time undergone by student’. At Yoga-Samskrutham University, the Doctoral Guide takes the primary responsibility along with the team to certify the student output to be a Professional of that discipline. If the employment agency is really looking for the ‘skill –excellence’ then they get the validation from the Peer Professional guide and team who have trained and certified the candidate.

In other words, program of study at YSAM is to become an entrepreneur Professional and a peer at a future date. It is a much bigger vision than one of seeking a job. The student at YSAM starts with the question: How will my education help me to serve the society and at the same time make a good decent living with dignity and pride of profession? Our interest is in serving the society by application of Yoga-Samskrutham –languages welfare traditions.

One more point to note here about ‘Yoga –practice as a profession’. Different countries and states within countries have custom rules in allowing yoga-practice as a vocation, religion profession and health care service. The US laws are different from the laws governing yoga –profession, practice and services at India. The student is advised to check the local rules and practices before getting on to the field practice and stay compliant with the same.