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Yoga - Samskrutham University

Yoga-Samskrutham University offers several programs in the areas of Yoga, Samskrutham and Languages, leading to the following Education awards. These are governed under the stipulations set by Commission of Independent Education under Florida Statute 1005.06 ( 1 ) ( f ).

The Programs are offered in several convenient models to facilitate fostering –unifying- excellence standards for each of the study disciplines. The standards are set by the traditional texts and validated by the peers and practicing masters. The course contents are delivered in online mode, localized and personalized Gurukul style teaching, Workshops, Conferences and the like. The program organization is coordinated through National Forum Affiliates.

The University is an ‘EDUCATION PROVIDER and EXCELLENCE CERTIFIER’. The University is NOT a licensing body for the practice of profession. Each Discipline and Nation has its specific set of laws, regulations, insurance coverage, Faith frame-works for practice of a profession. These need to be explored by the Student. The University will facilitate the student to have fair knowledge of the sources to get this information.

There are special and advanced areas in each of the disciplines of Yoga,Samskrutham and Languages that may call for additional Student Commitments in terms of life style and special oaths of ethical practice , ritual and spiritual practice. These are discipline specific and set by the Traditional Masters and peers ( Guru – Grantha – Acahra Sampradaya paramparaa). The University always abides by the wisdom-stand and guidance provided by the Masters –Peers. These are important points that the student needs to be clear before final enrollment to the doctoral studies program. In some special programs, the Masters Faith, backed by the mystic-spirituality, may gain a higher ranking and precedence over the ‘rationality advocated by the student’.

The Education awards are handed over to students at the University Conferences .
The primary authority and grantee of the degrees for Doctoral, Post Doctoral studies and Honorary Awards is Yoga – Samskrutham University. In other cases, depending upon the arrangement, the names of the Affiliate Institutions do figure appropriately in the Certificate. Entry Qualification for different programs are set as appropriate, case by case. Based on the needs of program, the composition of course offering and delivery logistics, fees and structure of the syllabus is made. The course – concentration, composition and mix in programs are finally an outcome of student needs, Guide counseling and discipline practice and practical needs. The interest and choice of student is given the utmost consideration.