Dr. B.V.Venkatakrishna Sastry

Dr. BVK Sastry ( Venkatakrishna Sastry) is the visionary - founder of Yoga-Samskrutham University, at Florida, USA. The University commenced its operations on 27 Sept 2011, consolidating three decades teaching, research and outreach experience and consolidating the inputs from three years of intense deliberation from various international scholars, traditional institutions, academicians, stake holders in education excellence Yoga and Samskrutham and Languages.

Dr. Sastry holds a Ph.D in Sanskrit, a graduation in sciences, management and business practices. He is trained traditionally in several disciplines of Vedic Studies – theory and practice of Vedas, Vedanga jyotisha, Vastu, Vedic Rituals and Temple Services. Dr.Sastry has served for 12 years as a resident professor at American University, teaching Hinduism, Yoga and Sanskrit teaching several students, globally, evaluating the doctoral and masters thesis works.

prosperity (Adhi Jyotisham). Knowledge of the Right Time to execute desired action for (a) achieving success in all actions and (b) overcome failures – is the key to decide the muhurtha. Providing guidance on muhurtha is the expertise of a Vedanga Jyotisha professional. Thus, we have an education guidance system to train an alltime relevant professional from the Vedictraditions. .

Dr.Sastry is a practicing professional and advanced researcher in several traditional disciplines of Vedic tradition, Vedanga Jyotisha, Vastu, Vedanta, Dharma Shastra, SriVidya Tantra and the related. Dr. Sastry is the current master of Vak-Yoga method of learning Samskrutham. Dr. Sastry is promoter of many innovative projects in Yoga ( yoga-NEXT, Yoga-Trayee, United Temple of Yogas ). Dr. Sastry is an Educator and On-Line Education Technologist and a Content Developer. Dr.Sastry is a Language Technologist, holds a US Patent on application of Sanskrit for computers, has served as a member of the 'Vedic Unicode proposal' for Unicode Standards Consortium.; Dr. Sastry is promoter of many innovative projects in Applied Samskrutham ( Shruti –Kranti : Voice Primary Multilingual Web, Language Appropriate Technology) ; and Language teaching pedagogy. .

It is here that Vedanga Jyotisha professionalism raises the bar over all other models of studies covered under current nomenclature of Astrology. Vedas are the primary seeds of Jyotisha. And practice of Jyotisha must yield the benefit of Veda, which is ‘Dharma’. The benefit of Dharma practice is Healthy Spirituality. This is the common concurrent value that runs across Sanatana Veda Dharma following communities, Buddhism, Jainism and/or any practicing systems of Astrology anywhere in the world. Healthy Spirituality (Swashtya) is the counseling guidance expectation from Vedanga Jyotisha practitioner, beyond the other needs like muhurtha and shati parihara. The practitioner of Vedanga Jyotisha is a Professional of Health care and Wellness counselor, standing on par with other professionals like Medical doctors and Psychological counselors and Spiritual advisors. The education part detailed in the syllabus has good coverage to train the students towards this end.

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