Message from CEO International Core Committee

Dr. Prabhakar K Kashyap

The very fundamental principle of our Sanathana Dharma is “Dharmartha Kamya Mokshaanaam” meaning every human being is expected to sincerely follow these fundamental principles given in our Scriptures to attain Moksha or liberation, the ultimate aim in one’s life. Accordingly, the four fundamental stages involved in one’s life are (i) Dharma or Righteousness, (ii) Artha or Wealth, (iii) Kamya or Desires and finally (iv) Moksha or Salvation. It means, one has to observe Dharma in earning wealth and judiciously spend it to noble causes while fulfilling desires. It is an undisputed fact that ‘Observance of dharma in life alone leads to salvation or moksha’. It is unfortunate that this Universal Truth has not been taken cognizance of by many people even today. It is a paradox that we have made demarcation based on Caste and fighting amongst ourselves on petty matters; Even the so called educated people are not an exception. This has shattered the very purpose of our great Sanathana Dharma.While our Nation known for Cultural heritage has witnessed righteous people for decades and centuries serving to the cause of dharma, alas! Majority of the people are after materialistic world today and their moral values are deteriorating day by day.

At this stage, Jyotishya has a key role to play in creating an awareness of the Universal Principles of Dharma.Jyotisyha is considered as a Divine Science given by our ancient Seers. It guides us the right path of life and paves the way for Moksha or Salvation. It is Jyotishya Shastraalone which clarifies and throws light on the three major energy centres viz. Aadibhoutika, Aadidaivika and Aadhyatmika. They refer to energies existing in Brahmanda (at Universe level), Pindanda (Physical Body level) and Andanda (Soul level) respectively. To clearly understand this concept further, Pindanda refers to the sperm /egg form which has to be energized through pranashakthi - strength of Soul. The energy at gross level in the environment i.e. Brahmanda is known as Aadibhoutika whereas the energy utilized for physical body at Pindanda level is termed as Aadidaivika. In the above two levels, flow of energy will be in the outward direction. On the contrary, when the energy flows in inward direction it strengthens the Soul at Andanda level called Adhyatmika.

The transformation or Parivarthana that takes place in the environment is called Aadibhoutika, while that in physical level is referred to as Aadidaivika and at Soul level it is Aadhyatmika the one which carries more importance from the view point of inner transformation. The real purpose of one’s life should be to strengthen one’s Soul through inward journey and attain moksha. If we direct our energy outwardly at Pindanda level, the transformation takes place only at physical level i.e. fulfillment of physical comforts and desires which is a temporary phenomenon unlike at Soul level which is permanent and ultimate. Environmental transformation in the external world in Brahmanda is known as Aadibhoutika. The nature of function remains the same in all the three levels but the ultimate purpose alone differs from one another. It is thus clear that in order to attain Moksha, one has to deploy the resources available in the external world (Brahmanda) and use his physical energy (Pindanda) in strengthening his Soul through directing Sense organs towards inner journey (Andanda). In this dimension, one has to introspect and sincerely try to rectify the doshas. We should therefore try to assess our Soul strength and try to improve further in accelerating our journey towards liberation.

Towards this dimension, Jyotishya Shastra helps the mankind to understand the purpose of life and lead the right path of life. Scriptures narrate Jyotishya as Eyes of Vedic Sciences. It is a beacon light to one and all to uplift the Soul strength. Further, we are blessed by our ancient Rishis with Scriptures like 18 Puranas, Brahmanas, Upanishads, Epics of Ramayana and Mahabharatha, Bhagavadgita, Darshanashastra and many such other scriptures. They serve as a boon for our Spiritual Advancement and facilitate us to easily cross ‘‘Dharmartha Kaamya Mokshaanam” - the chaturvidhapurushartha.

Just like any of our activities can be carried out only with the united effort of all the five fingers, similarly when we bring our Body, Mind and Soul together and sincerely follow the principles given in Scriptures in right perspective, our dream of attaining these four purusharthas will be transformed into reality.

To create and spread such an awareness of Jyotishya Shastra, we have stepped into the formation of ‘Jyotishya VishwaVidyalaya (Regd)’ under the support and recognition of the prestigious