Yoga - Samskrutham University-Organization

Yoga-Samskrutham University, is a Higher Education Enterprise, governed by the organizational structure headed by the Chancellor and a governing board. The governing board consisting of a team of masters and peers in the field of Yoga Samskrutham Language disciplines and enterprises are a part of the International Core. This core (I.C) guides and coordinates the global operation of the University. The International Core approves the operation of International Vice Chancellors,Directors  and Presidents who lead the search, research and outreach of University programs for implementation through National Forums.


The National forums are legal entities under the law of nation and forms its own regulating body, from the representatives of the University Affiliates. The National Forums are the eyes, ears and arms of the University in each Nation and Yoga disciplines. The National forum works with Affiliates in each nation, by their chosen disciplines to disseminate the Yoga Excellence benefits and fulfillment of the covenant from Srimad Bhagavad-Gita: Tasmat Yogi Bhava- which translates to an action of Yoga Applications to groom Healthy Ethical Cultured Spiritual Citizens of Nation, the Yogi’s of Next generation.