FAQ:University Admission and I-20, Visa, Work permits

Will an admission to a program at YSAM permit me to get a VISA to USA ? work and earn at USA ?

Yoga-Samskrutham University is primarily a Higher Education Provider in the areas of Yoga, Samskrutham and Languages. Admission to YSAM program is not an open door to US Travel or Work for earning at US. The Travel to US and Work to Earn at US are regulated by different laws and agencies, bound by different set of rules and conditions by Government agencies and financials.

International Students and Researchers are always welcome to take courses at Yoga-Samskrutham University, undertake research projects and studies at US, if the nature of study really demands such physical travel –stay and study in person with the instructor, use of physical facilities at the institution, interaction with local community and learning in internship mode. In all such cases, the Student needs to check with relevant agencies to get the needful permissions and clearances for travel, make local arrangements for stay and study.

The student has a choice to Travel to America for learning the best Yoga related practices and professions as a part of the YSAM program; and an option to get the final degree at one of the University programs at USA . These come at a cost factor.

However students and researchers can get a letter of invitation to participate and present their findings, interact with participating scholars in the Workshops and Conferences that would be conducted by Yoga-Samskrutham University at US; subject to other permissions. Yoga-Samskrutham University is not issuing any I-20 forms at the present.