SIGFA Solutions

Air Marshal P S Bhangu

Chief patron

Dr Arvind Pandey

Vice President


Dr Sathish Ahuja

Patron & Faculty

Dr Suniti Ahuja


Dr Brig Abhay Kumar


Dr Nandan Kumar


Dr.Deepak Chaubey


Dr Dana Azeem


It all started when Dr. B. K. Chandra Shekhar started his journey of enquiry about healing during hospitalization period for treatment of cancer. The doctors had given up and his name was included in the dangerously ill list (DIL). He was blessed that God started giving answers and he followed whatever God revealed to him. Following divine directions in letter & spirit, he recovered miraculously and developed his mind & memory power through concentration and Psycho Neurobic Exercises. The Almighty Father directed him to spread His teachings to all as integrated mind medicine for achieving Holistic Health and Everlasting Happinesss.


We are living at the apex of a vast pyramid of human development. But what is the major challenge before us. No need to say that most of us are troubled, uncertain, and confused. So the search of happy, healthy and contented life can be treated as the eternal quest of mankind. So to be happy and healthy living should be the ultimate goal of all ambitions, all endeavours, all hopes and plans. What is our role in this regard? With the Divine Grace of Spiritual Incorporeal God Father Almighty (SIGFA), we wish to share the secrets of Health and Happiness to all. It is not our solutions. But here the solutions are provided by the Almighty. Who wants to keep the Spiritual Currents moving in human body with the help of Psycho Neurobics. Don't let your life stagnate. It is the Psycho-Medico-Spiritual way of achieving health & happiness.


The Mission of SIGFA Solutions is to build up and empower each individual being at Spirit level. Under the aegis of Divine, we developed and unified some comprehensive exercises to improve health and well being by focusing on the trinity of body, mind and soul. The whole philosophy, activities, approaches, and programmes at SIGFA are about how to enable and make every man a better repository, container and vehicle of the pure and fundamental spiritual energy, behind everything existing.


To diffuse and enable every potential fellow being with this knowledge and the techniques developed by Dr B K Chandrashekhar, as revealed by the Supreme, in the former's states of transcendental meditation through means like:

  • Literature,: print media, publications
  • Workshops, seminars
  • Education modules as university courses, corporate training
  • Digital media
  • 5. Social media

Self Healing Tools for Self empowerment

  • Yogic exercises, visualization and 3D concentration techniques
  • Psycho- Neurobics Meditation
  • Psyhco- Neuro- Immuno- Muscular exercises
  • Energizing Food and Water by Mind Power
  • Cleansing all Five Elements for Improving Living Standard