Psychoneurobics & Yoga

Psychoneurobics & Yoga - Psyche-Stress Solutions

Psycho-Neurobics is the technical name for what is researched and explored as ‘Customized Yoga- Solutions’ as psyche-stress solutions. The solutions come as offshoots of Yoga- Practice customization in relation to Patanjali Yoga-Sutras : 1-30: vyadhi-styana-sanshaya-pramada-alasya-virati-bhranti-dar shana- alabdha-bhoomikatva- anavasthitatvani chitta-vikshepah – te antarayah - Disease, mental laziness, doubt, calmness, cessation, false perception, non-attaining concentration, and falling away from the state when obtained, are the seeds of distraction and stress for the psyche and cause suffering. Appropriately customized yoga solutions can help the individual to get freedom from such sufferings and their consequences.

In the teachings as seen in the classical texts, the focus of pedagogy is on the end goal of final liberation, called ‘ Kaivalya, Brahma Nirvana, Shanti, Moksha’. In any given society, there are more number of persons who seek lesser aims and practical solutions for their suffering in a limited scale. In order to address such needs, Yoga tradition provides a directive to yoga- practitioners ‘heyam - duhkham anagatam (2-16) The misery which is not yet come is to be avoided’. The yoga –excellence solutions provider needs to keep a vigil on the source of societal suffering , diagnose the causes and provide appropriate solutions, that fits in to the practical life style . Psychoneurobics is one such contemporary adaptation of Yoga tradition in providing stress solutions and create a profession of yoga – Psychoneurobics practitioners. Psychoneurobics practices provide the practical solutions to address the psyche related disturbances using the ‘ light- color-image-visualization’.

Yoga is the core practice in psycho neurobics. The practice facilitate a way to manage the stress of the psyche, which medicine can address only in a limited way. The practitioner of Psychoneurobics will be able to help the society with yoga solutions that can supplement the medicine treatment, as noninvasive and alternate therapies. .