Doctoral (Ph.D)

Doctoral (Ph.D)

These are offered directly under the supervision of the University. The enrollments routed through approved Guides with the affiliates and National Forums. The generic outline of the program is as follows:
Doctoral Programs 66 plus Credits program with a Thesis option.
Entry Qualification: Masters Degree or Equivalent of it by Traditional studies (to be validated by appropriate documentation). The final thesis needs to show how the study helps to foster unify excellence in the practice of vocations coming from the discipline of yoga-Samskrutham-Languages.

The check points could be explored as :

  • preservation-propagation- publication-outreach-Application of tradition for benefit of contemporary communities / practicing communities / academic communities for the goal of wellness and culture, academics and application of traditions.

  • Documentation of state of practice and art – science of traditional discipline /Master of Tradition, bringing out standards of tradition, Dynamics of tradition, Documentation on Masters and Practices of Traditions.

  • Contribute for Comparative studies, pedagogy of discipline, Applied Spirituality bringing out the Social global relevance of Scriptures and Revelations. Innovations in research which do not distort the traditional value standards and sensitivities are welcome. Applied Research is encouraged to bring out the Social relevance of Scriptural Revelations.

  • The program may be taken in multiple modes – as a study with a Master, Independent exploration of a tradition, Submission of scholarly dissertation, Translation, New perspectives and advanced research, comparative and inter/ intra - discipline studies. The broad composition of the program course credits are as follows: Main Thesis (30 credits) + Research Methodology (3 credits) + Masters Credits (33 – which already covers - University core courses for 9 credits ). Previous study / Work /Experience not utilized elsewhere can be considered for course credits up to a maximum of 21 credits at the discretion of the University.

  • The fees for this program is custom decided, as each exploration has different needs of resources and support.