International Directors

Dr NVRA Raja

Vedanga Jyotishya

International Directors are People of Eminence, who prefer to be free from the organizational bindings and structured hierarchy. They are committed to the promotion and propagation of the Yoga-Excellence in a Pluri-disciplinary approach and perspective. Their long years of experience and contemplation help them to see through the veils of limitations of blinkered teaching of traditions and practices, identify the needed course correction to deliver the yoga excellence to different communities of the nations, as appropriate.

In the Organization structure, these people of eminence play the role of wisdom advisors and guides. They also function along with Presidents of National Forums and International Presidents who promote the Education in a structured format and models.

International directors are cross discipline researchers, guides and free-thinkers who perform the additional role of Excellence Ambassadors. If they prefer, they may also serve as Guides for students and Doctoral Thesis evaluators for Yoga-Samskrutham University.

The International Directors are Venerabiles consilium to the global advisory and invitees to the National Forum Conferences and Yoga-Samskrutham Conferences.