Study Centre for Optics & Prophetic Education(R)

Dr Prabhakar K Kashyap

Founder Trustee

Dr S.N Sreeram


Dr Nagesh Babu

Vice President

Dr Harish Kashyap

General Secertary

Dr Shobha N Raghu

Joint Secertary

Dr H.N Prasad



Dr B.Shyamala

Dr Baharathi Ravindra

Dr Manjula B Aithal

Dr Rekha Rajgopal

Dr G.V.Markandachari

Dr Shivakumar

Salient Activities of SCOPE

  • Quality education
  • Astro Library
  • Horoscope Bank
  • Annual Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Consultation camps
  • Quiz Programme
  • Research topics
  • Publications
  • Encouraging new talents
  • International Recognition

Activities at a glance:

  • Initially conducted classes on Basic Astrology to give a strong foundation of the subject to new students. Many students have been benefited. Of late, the focus is on Research oriented study of the subject. In 2016, one batch of Research students got PhD award for submission of their thesis on unique topics of interest.

  • Free workshops were organised on Vedic Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, PrashnaShastra, Remedial Astrology – lectures by renowned speakers; Conducted more than 140 Workshops so far in Bangalore and other Centres of Karnataka.A series of medical astrology workshop was conducted to highlight the importance of Astrology in identifying diseases.

  • As a part of our Decennial year celebrations during 2013-14, free consultations camps were also organized in Bangalore and different parts of Karnataka including Mandya, Siriguppa, Davangere, Shivamogga, Bellary, Hubli and other centresfor the benefit of common man.

  • Opportunities given to new talentsto share their knowledge on the stage in Workshops. Such an encouragement and guidance instilled the confidence and provided opportunity to enrich their knowledge;

  • Annual Conferences are held regularly and lectures on topics of interest on Astrology and allied subjects by eminent speakers. In 2013, National conference on Remedial Astrology was organized for three days in Bangalore. Likewise focus will be on a specified field to create interest and to share knowledge and experience of experts from different angles.

  • As a part of encouraging students to get familiar with basic Astrology, the Institute thought of introducing the Quiz programme in Astrology. Accordingly, the first ever State level Quiz Programme was conducted in the Annual conference in 2011.

  • Similarly, for the first time in the history of Astrology, the first ever National level Free Competitive Examination on Vedic Astrology was also held in July 2013 at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Davangere, Hubli, Shimoga and Mysore. Considering the overwhelming response from students, it was successively conducted in the following year too.

  • Publications of the Institute: DrPrabhakarKashyap has come out with the following works based on his research oriented thinking on very vital topics of Astrology from the practical point of view for the benefit of not only students but also the practicing Astrologers and in turn for the benefit of mankind. They are in the Regional language Kannada.

    • Kuja dosha
    • Rasi Darshana
    • Hasta Samudrika
    • PariharaJyothisha
    • NakshatraJyotisha – Jeeva and Sareera (translated version from English to Kannada)
    • Saptavimshati Dosha – in 3 volumes

    • The Institute has also published DVDs on all lectures of DrKashyap and eminent scholars. They cover all important topics dealt with in workshops.

    • The Institute has a full-pledged Astrological Library with collection of classical texts and numerous books on the subject. It has a rare collection of old Astrological magazines (1940s 1950s and 1960s) published by the then BV Raman’s Institute.

    • DrPrabhakarKashyap has launched a new Association named ‘Karnataka State Learning & Practicing Astrologers Association’ last year. As the very name suggests, its aim to provide scope and encouragement to all learners and practicing Astrologers to participate and share their expertise. Further, DrKashyap is of the view that the study of Astrology needs to be looked into from all the angles of 360 degree. In other words, the knowledge of other related topics is also to be studied to effectively use the knowledge of Astrology. They include Vedas, Puranas, Music, Yoga, Nadishastra etc. As such KALPA, this newly formed Association is organizing monthly workshops by inviting Experts in allied fields and arranging lectures besides the regular lecture on Astrological topics by DrKashyap himself. It is being well received by the participants.

    It is our earnest hope that people realize the importance of Astrology in right perspective and benefit out of it. It calls for not only thorough knowledge of the subject from practical application point of view but also proper awareness amongst people. Towards this let us all take an oath to contribute our might to uphold the grandeur of Divine Science given by our great Sages.